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There you go again XXX talking about things you know nothing about. I retired from one agency only to take a position with another agency for more money. Yes XXX if you taking count I am pulling down two retirements now and you live in a rundown trailer in the middle of the woods.
While you are trying to change the subject of Lenny's car, He said that you were pushing it off as a Bob Butts car, shame on you XXX; everyone knows your car is sculpted from another builder’s kit. He said that the paint is bubbling and peeling off and that it needs a full repaint. He said that his car was held together with wood screws, Wow that sounds familiar.
He also talked about your 89 Batmobile supposed full build, He said that it looked good at 20 feet but when you looked closer its paint was full of runs in the paint and the car looked thrown together. The car was reportedly finished and ready to be sent to the owner and it wouldn’t run, sounds like your batting a thousand.

I also made a few more phone calls to people I know who actually work for Jay Ohrburg, they laughed when I asked if you worked for Jay, so you can take it for what it’s worth. I would say at this point your creditability in the Bat community is shot.
I am also thinking about adding Lenny’s build to my site!

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