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I can’t see where you get you thickness of our kit? That kit is at least ¼” thick and for strength and durability, we hand lay our fiberglass bodies using vinylester resin, which is five times stronger than polyester resin and also fire resistant and water proof unlike polyester is an accelerant. Vinylester resin is also twice as expensive as polyester resin that is why most builders refuse to use it. lay-up consists of:

Black gel coat

1-1/2 oz mat

18 oz woven cloth

3/4 oz mat

All the comments you have made about Lenny’s car has been copied and forwarded to Lenny. He is highly upset with you and said that he would be in contact with me about your comments.
The kit you posted is a jell coat car that isnt paint, and it is extreamly straight, their are two barrels, one under the front and one in the back is off center that's why is highte on one side than the other, nice try though.

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