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"XXX is following in Kory's harassment tactics"
I must have struck a nerve, which I think is very funny, what is not funny is that XXX contacted the Police Department where I work and tried to file a complaint against me. The gist of it was that he claimed to be a business man in XXX trying to make a living. XXX stated that I was slandering him and making derogatory remarks towards him and his business in an attempt to try and ruin his business. He said that I called him a Troll.

XXX the next time you claim to be a business man, I demand strict proof thereof. Also I cannot find no proof of any of your ASE Certification for Mechanics or any mechanics certifications of any kind, if you do have any certifications please post them here. As you claim to be a professional builder you should maintain some type of certifications as many of us nonprofessionals as you call us do carry.

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