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Well this is a crock from start to finish XXX didn't buy the parts from butts buy a third party. They were NEVER  advertised as being off either of the real cars and Butts died before the case was resolved. XXX did end up with a set of parts which he made molds from. Dick Dean who was the middle man(saying the molds were his) ended paying butts money for selling the molds to the gun in Minn.  

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If you would have actually talked to Bob Butts, he would have told you that the Black Beauty molds were sculpts by him and George Barris. Bob never claimed to have pulled them from the real car nor were any made from the real car. I don't know where you got this information from, but Bob never claimed that the molds were real.
As you can clearly see the check was written in 2002, to Bob Butts for the molds. Bob Butts wouldn't sell the molds until the litigation was complete. When it was finalized XXX was ordered by the court to return the molds to Bob Butts. When the crate was delivered to Bob J. I helped break it down to I noted that the return address was fromXXX address.

If Bob J. purchased the molds from you as you claim where is your canceled check, correspondence or bank records. Lie all you want Les or whom ever you are, most likely XXX!! The facts remain and the proof in in the canceled check, if you notice it was written out to Bob Butts and not you!

How come the only time I have ever seen you Les, on any board, is whenever XXX hand is caught in the cookie jar. Are you a real person or just another alias? My final question to you XXX and XXX is why don't you just call Joan Butts she would gladly enlighten you to the facts, and if she says anything to the contrary I will gladly retract my statements. Also do you realize that their were more than one set of molds to the Black Beauty? If you didn't you are truly stupid as you statements dictate!

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