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Post  Internet Justice on Fri 27 Sep 2013, 12:14 am

Sep 8 13 2:11 PM
On 8/18/2013 and 8/19/2013 nodeman published online implied threats on another website

thereby on 8/20/2013 nodeman was advised of
Florida Statutes 836.05
to which nodeman/kevin  significantly altered his manner of printed speech and dropped his previous ' crooked, criminal and jail time ' wording (under his own name) in his response to Mr Racop's post elsewhere 8/27/2013

Florida Statutes 836.05
Whoever, either verbally or by a written or printed communication, maliciously threatens to accuse another of any crime or offense, or by such communication maliciously threatens an injury to the person, property or reputation of another, or maliciously threatens to expose another to disgrace, or to expose any secret affecting another, or to impute any deformity or lack of chastity to another, with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever, or with intent to compel the person so threatened, or any other person, to do any act or refrain from doing any act against his or her will, shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

Prior, during and present to latest threats - re mr patnode's consistent repeated  internet harassment for 4 years, stalking, interception of email,  client harassment including being advised by authorities to cease and desist prior to mr patnode's knowledge of this vehicle. Publishing of online threats, defamation on websites, jointly owned and not owned by mr patnode of florida and a mr kim of California.


XXX; I see you haven’t answered a simple question I posted. As far as lou goes maybe you would like to work for him as he is no longer in charge of Forensics, he was sent back to patrol. The new supervisor you will find is not tolerant to your silly games; he has already been briefed about release of personal information to civilians, but you’re welcome to try and see how far that gets you.
Make sure you tell him how you defrauded a customer out of 165 grand and you refuse to make restitution, as you already know this is a crime, Felony Fraud.
PS: I am forwarding this letter to him so don’t worry about sending it to him.
As for my build log is says Kevin’s two builds not XXX thin and crispy. So I would appreciate if you wouldn’t post your snide remarks with links to your builds. If you continue I will be forced to post all the pictures of your Thin & Crispy kits with the owner’s remarks on your build logs with links to 89 board showing all the criminal activities you have done in the past.
Good luck with your business…

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