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XXX turn key build that fell apart  

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Lenny sent me the contract that  XXX  drew up with his comments on items that didn't meet contract requirements.
What makes our 2012 Anti Crime Roadster the The Best of it's kind?...check out the details and watch as we build this incredible car!

It looks like an Anti Crime Roadster should.

It is aesthetically and dimensionally correct.----- Not Bob Butts body as claimed by builder

It is sure- footed and reliable, powerful and very fun to drive.---- Broken down numerous times and hood blew off

Based on our new exquisitely detailed gorgeous Triple Black Urethane Gen 3 bodyshell this example sports the latest in ACR gadgetry and effects that are a physical and visual retinal delight. ,---- Body panels wavy and fiberglass cracking and paint bubbling Hood blowing off was the retinal delight, Not

The Fittings:

An all new SUPERCHARGED Drivetrain on a all new modern tubular steel frame with polished control arms,----- Not supercharged

Aldan adjustable poly bushed coil-over shock absorbers with urethane bushed mounts and sculptured towers.

4 Wheel disc brakes, 4 Bar rear suspension with Strange rear axle and gear ratio of your choice. ---- Bolt fell out and brakes locked up

Rugged Sway bar etc. This chassis provides you with excellent vehicle control, as well as a superb, comfortable ride under a wide range of road conditions which takes our Anti Crime Roadster down the track and around the slalom course into the 21st Century and beyond! ----Was told that this was a show car only and to be trailered

Maserati radiator with twin electric fans and custom surge tanks--- Standard aluminum radiator, no surge tank & one small fan that overheats

C 6 automatic transmission---- Used C4 transmission

Dual exhaust with chrome tips

20 gallon fuel tank---- 12 gallon fuel tank

A detailed full frame and suspension

15x7 and 15x10 Radir polished aluminum rims with new tires.---- Miss matched tires

ACR spinners

Triple chrome plated rear 'rocket pipes'

Rear Stainless Steel ' Turbine' with functional flame via electric solenoid--- doesn’t work and never did

ACR parachutes---- Cheap plastic cover with foam blocks no parachute at all or pull rings, paid for

Correct style 18 gauge steel grilles with edge molding

Custom fitted deep set rear tailight lenses--- that don’t work

Rear camera--- Never installed, paid for

Front 7" Halogen headlights

Front amber signal lenses---- Installed don’t work

ACR 'Chaincutter' (retractable)---- never installed paid for

Power operated hood and trunk---- never installed, paid for

Fully painted inner hood liner with ACR symbol ( a UMC exclusive) with light--- hood flew off & was never lighted

New Steel inner fenders, Steel firewall

Steel trunk floor, Steel wheel tubs and multi steel tubular subframe throughout

Twin batteries----one used battery

18 circuit wire harness

Correct style carbon fiber wrapped 'Rollbar'---- not carbon fiber

Billet polished aluminum beacon housing and fitted rotating red light

Twin Rollbar ' Antennas' with red top lighted lenses---- mismatched lenses are not lighted

Rear 3rd brake light--- Never installed, paid for

Front and rear Lexan canopys set in wraparound steel chrome plated canopy frames---- Bent L trim gaps in fitting and doesn’t fit roll bar properly

Billet Aluminum custom made ACR steering wheel with Billet hub and signal buttons inset

Tilt steering

Five piece rolltop aluminum dash and under dash panel trim plate---- Never installed, paid for

Steel center console with courtesy lights and aluminum top plate and trim---- No courtesy lights

Billet aluminum Hurst Pistol grip shifter---- Never installed but paid for

All ACR dash plaques, ACR button switches--- Removed plaque

ACR turn ' T ' lever

Parachute 'pull rings'---- Never installed but paid for

Fire extinguisher---- Not installed don’t care

Seven piece Autometer gauge package---- Installed but not hooked up no lights eaither

Multiple toggle switches to control:

Headlights, beacon light, chaincutter, ACR phone, ACR beam antenna, roll bar arch lights---- Chain cutter not installed paid for

detecta scope, alarm, flamethrower, ACR lights, heater, defrost, 2 speed fan switch. ----Alarm not installed, Flamthrower doesn’t work, heater, defrost, 2 speed fan switch never installed but paid for

Seven inch DVD player---- Never installed but paid for

Double Din CD player with massive Sony amplifier and Boom Boxes---- Never installed but paid for

Alarm---- Never installed paid for

Heater-Defrost---- Never installed paid for

Detecta Scope

ACR compass with multiple dash light display---- Never installed paid for

ACR Phone lighted (prop)---- Is not lighted

Chrome plated door jam sill plates

Fully upholstered interior with rear seat storage compartment carpeted (seperated from trunk compartment)

Leather upholstered black bucket seats with embroidered ACR emblem ( a UMC first) , fully adjustable for even the tallest drivers---- Seats not bolted to floor boards

Seat belts

Carpeted trunk floor and trunk lid light---- Not installed and not lighted

Electric solenoid operated door releases with Billet handle levers for manual release with remote key fob---- Installed doesn’t work at all

Aluminum door panel accents match aluminum dash trim

Rear deck ribbed panel with wraparound aluminum trim and stainless steel vents---- Not correct to Batmobile steel siding installed

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When I hired a contractor to finish building my house, we had a contract. Upon completion of our house, i went thru the list with the contractor, found MANY pieces compromised and/or neglected. This became my punch list. Final payment was not made until i was satisfied. Every contract i have ever signed for work to be performed was handled in this fashion.

I am not putting blame on Lenny, XXX or any other party involved.

Nor am i putting any judgement on work performed / received.

I DO know, that once you accept the product, you have essentially agreed that you are satisfied.

Maybe the 66 was not completed to Lenny's satisfaction. I understand this from the posts, but this does not put blame on only one party. Both parties must accept responsibility for workmanship and satisfaction upon delivery.

REGARDLESS of the builder, there are ways to settle this without mud-slinging. . .from either side.

i guess this means i'm taking a neutral stance? YUP!

I take every story. . .every fact, spoken or not. . .and incorporate it into my learning experience, and hope that it helps me to better-build my own 89.


To build the impossible dream . . .

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